Just get a jump rope

Jump rope as you fly across the room in a zigzag, jump rope in a circle, jump rope with one hand in the air.

Jump rope one hand into two hands, jump rope like an Olympic high jumper, and do whatever other creative things you can think of. It's not so bad, right? As I've written before, I'm a very active guy and I can walk the dog and do yard work and stuff.


If I spend a couple of hours a day, I can keep going. I'm also a very social guy and I really can't do as good of a job alone as I can when I have other people around. I got a new jump rope from the guy who sells them from his truck down the street. I don't want to start thinking that I'm a very social guy and not doing any of my hobbies because I need a group of people around me.

🚒 👩🏻 💪

I need to have that social circle. I need to have other people around who are fun to be around, who will be kind to me and not make fun of me. So I bought these and brought them with me to my friend and started jumping on the trampoline. We practiced ropeflow and making a circle with just our arms. In a perfect world, we would have a jump rope and a ropeflow rope go into a circle and then back out again. This is the best jumping rope idea that I've ever had.